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Welcome to The San Diego State University Occasional Archaeological Papers

A free academic journal focusing on the archaeology of, by, and for San Diego.

Call For Papers

The San Diego State University Occasional Archaeological Papers (SOAP) seek submissions for publication in upcoming journals.

The articles must focus on an aspect of San Diego archaeology or be
the product of an archaeologist with significant ties to the San Diego region.

All submissions are welcomed.


Seth Mallios
San Diego State Universty

Assistant Editor

Dominique Rissolo
San Diego State University

Editorial Advisory Board

Michael Baksh
Tierra Environmental Services

Joseph Ball
San Diego State University

Geoffrey Braswell
University of California at San Diego

Richard Carrico
Recuerdos Research

Lynne Christenson
County of San Diego

Alana Cordy-Collins
University of San Diego

Philip DeBarros
Palomar College

Debra A.Dominici
California Department of Transportation

Patrick Geyer
University of San Diego

Timothy Gross
Affinis Environmental Services

Jerome Hall
University of San Diego

Stacey Jordan
ICF Jones & Stokes.

Kent Lightfoot
University of California at Berkeley

Carmen Lucas
Kwaaymii Laguna Band of Mission Indians

Antoinette Martinez
California State University Chico

Ronald May
Legacy 106, Incorporated

Arion Mayes
San Diego State University

Ramona Perez
San Diego State University

Michael Sampson
California State Parks

M. Steven Shackley
University of California at Berkeley

Brian Smith
Brian Smith and Associates

Cindy Stankowski
San Diego Archaeological Center

Thomas A. Wake
Cotsen Institute of Archaeology

Stephen Van Wormer
Walter Enterprises

Sue Wade
California State Parks

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Department of Anthropology
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