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Volume Two--June 2008

Table of Contents

List of Figures (.pdf)

Introduction (.pdf)
Seth Mallios

Part I: Voices of the Archaeologist

Public Archaeology Address Delivered at the Society for Historical Archaeology Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia, on Saturday, January 13, 2007 (.pdf)
Ivor Noël Hume

Moment and Metaphor: Reflections on Ivor Noël Hume’s Address at the 2007 Society for Historical Archaeology Meetings (.pdf)
Alison Bell

Archaeology’s Diachronic Dimension, Historical Anthropology, and the Hawaiian-Shirt Renaissance: An Interview with Kent Lightfoot, Professor of Anthropology at the University of California at Berkeley, on Friday, November 19, 2004 at Lightfoot’s Home in El Cerrito, California, and a Follow-up Telephone Interview on February 10, 2005 (.pdf)
Seth Mallios

Part II: SDSU Archaeology

Conserving WPA-Era Art at San Diego State University: The Removal, Restoration, and Re-Installation of Genevieve Bredo Burgeson’s 1936 NRA Packages (.pdf)
Seth Mallios and Donna Byczkiewicz

San Diego State University’s Victory in the 2006 Society for American Archaeology Ethics Bowl: A Methodology for Success (.pdf)
Cyndi Eischen, Elaine Michaels, and Matt Tennyson

Archaeological Palimpsests, Historical Maps, and Ground-Penetrating Radar: The SDSU Discovery of the Whaley-House Cistern/Well (.pdf)
Seth Mallios

Skeletons in the “Mummy Closet”: Dr. Spencer Lee Rogers’ 75-year-old grade books uncovered in SDSU Storage (.pdf)
Seth Mallios

Part III: San Diego Archaeology

A Reinvestigation of La Casa de Machado y Stewart, Old Town State Historic Park, San Diego, California (.pdf)
Patrick Scott Geyer, Kristie Anderson, Anna DeYoung, and Jason Richards

Test Excavations at the Warner’s Ranch Ranch House (Warner-Carrillo Ranch House) (.pdf)
Stephen R. Van Wormer and Susan D. Walter

Appendix A (.pdf)

Tecate Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility Project: Increasing Efficiency of Geophysical Survey (.pdf)
Billy A. Silva

Part IV: Archaeology and Memorialization

The Legacy of C. Fred Buchanan (1922-2007) (.pdf)
Ron May

Wolf Boy Discovered in the Julian Cemetery (.pdf)
David Lewis

From “Unknown” to the Known: Recovering Identity at the Lost Scripps Cemetery in San Diego (.pdf)
David Caterino and Seth Mallios